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Spiderman in France

December 22, 2005

French skyscraper climber Alain Robert (aka Spiderman) is at it again. This time he scaled a 308-foot Paris building in just under 20 minutes…using only his bare hands and climbing shoes.

Robert is known for climbing some of the world’s tallest buildings with his bare hands and without a safety net. His more than 30 urban climbs include the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers.

Source: [Red Orbit]
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Playin Possum

December 22, 2005

A 16-year old from Englewood, PA received quite a pre-Christmas surprise when she found herself face-to-face with a couple of glowing eyes in the depths of the family’s newly purchased Christmas tree.

“I’m looking at the tree and the angel just pops off,” she said. “And a second later, this head just popped up. The eyes were, like, glowing. I was thinking, ‘Oh my God!’ And I screamed.” Other family members came running. “We looked at it and I thought it might have been a fake,” said her father, Michael O’Connor, a Frackville attorney. “But then it moved its head. And I thought ‘Holy Jeez. We’re in trouble.'”

One of the family members took the tree, base and all, and chucked it into the front lawn. Animal control trapped and released the animal later that day.

Source: [ABC News]
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Virgin Mary Found in the Litter Box

December 22, 2005

Why is the Virgin Mary turning up everywhere we look these days? First she’s in a sandwich, now in a litter box. This clump of cat excrement in the shape of the Virgin Mary is for sale on Ebay. Current bid? $2.76. Here’s the description:

On Sunday evening (Dec 18), I discovered a miracle – the Virgin Mary in my own apartment. Specifically, an incarnation of the Virgin Mary in the form of a kitty-litter clump, in my cats’ litter box.If you look closely at the clump, you can see not only the Virgin Mary, but you can make out the hunches of her shoulders, the fingers on the hands, her feet, and even the tip of her nose. She is kneeling in prayer, facing left, with her head tilted down towards her hands. The longer you look, the more details become obvious. This came out of my cat. This is a miracle.

If you don’t know what cat litter is, it’s what you give you cats to bury their business in. It dries everything up and clumps and forms a solid mass. Then you scoop the clump out and throw it away, but in this case, I’m glad I looked before I scooped.

Source: [eBay: VIRGIN MARY Kitty Litter Clump]

Nose Pickers

December 22, 2005

Nose pickers rejoice!  An Austrian doctor believes that picking your nose (and eating the boogers) is actually good for you.  Here’s a portion of the story from Damn Interesting:

In the scientific and medical communities, the technical name for using one’s finger to extract boogers is rhinotillexis, and doing so compulsively is termed rhinotillexomania. The act of eating the resulting harvest is called mucophagy.

There is an Austrian doctor who has gained notoriety by advocating the picking of one’s nose and the consumption of the resulting bounty, particularly in children. Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist working in Innsbruck, would have us believe that people who pick their noses with their fingers are healthier, happier, and more in tune with their bodies. His argument stems from the notion that exposing the body to the dried germ remains helps to reinforce the immune system. The good doctor feels that society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking, and encourage children to take up the habit.

Dr. Bischinger has been quoted as saying (in an Austrian accent), “With the finger you can get to places you just can’t reach with a handkerchief, keeping your nose far cleaner. And eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body’s immune system.” He then added, “Medically it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do. In terms of the immune system the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria are collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like a medicine.”

Damn Interesting » You Can Pick Your Doctor, and You Can Pick Your Nose…

Two Mouthed Trout Caught in Nebraska

December 22, 2005

A one pound, two-mouthed trout was pulled from the waters of Nebraska last week. Said fisheman Clarence Olberding:

“I reached down and grabbed it to take the hook out, and that’s when I noticed that the hook was in the upper mouth and there was another jaw protruding out below”

Something tells me that you shouldn’t be eating the catch from these waters…

Source: [CBS News]

Toilet Water Chug

December 22, 2005

Nothing good comes of chugging toilet water… [VIDEO]

Source: [AllDumb]