Russians Develop Spy Turtle

turtle.jpg A Russian scientist is in the process of perfecting a new stealth military reconnaisance tool. With highly trained turtles and a remote control device, a new method of espionage has emerged that he believes will foil all enemies. I mean who would expect a turtle with a camera strapped to its back crawling through an area that requires security clearance to be harmful, right?

Alexei Burikov, head of the biology department at Rostov-on-Don State Pedagogical University, says he has perfected a remote control device that can be fitted to a turtle’s shell. The device sends vibrations through the shell that cause properly trained turtles to change direction. A tiny camera fitted to the turtles shell could then spy on the enemy and relay reconnaissance pictures to a command or control center. Burikov did not explain why no one would notice a vibrating turtle with a video camera on its back.

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