Food Items from Hurricane Relief Effort Being Sold on eBay

cannedfood.jpg Meals ready to eat (MRE’s) that appear to have been distributed to hurricane victims during recent relief efforts along the Gulf coast of the United States have appeared on eBay according to a recent article published in the Houston Chronicle.

Representatives for eBay, the online auctioneer firm, say it is impossible to prove that any of the meals were meant for hurricane victims. They note MREs can be bought in camping stores and Army-Navy surplus outlets.

But at least some of the MREs advertised on the Web site are being sold from Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and other Gulf states, and are individually packaged with a disclaimer that clearly notes: “U.S. Government property — Commercial resale is unlawful.”

While it remains unproven whether these food items actually originated from federal government relief efforts, some of the sellers have made references to the hurricanes in the region.

“It was very depressing to come back and see that Rita took half our roof with her and left a lot of trees on the fence,” the seller wrote. “I am still in a state of shock and a daze. It has really been a mess. I thank God for my solid gold eBay customers. Thanks for your prayers.”

Source: [Houston Chronicle]


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