Holy Secession

freak.jpg Cory Burnell is attempting to redeem the United States one state at a time through a movement that he is calling Christian Exodus. Here is a glimpse of its ideology:

Cory Burnell wants to set up a Christian nation within the United States where abortion is illegal, gay marriage is banned, schools cannot teach evolution, children can pray to Jesus in public schools and the Ten Commandments are posted publicly.

To that end, Burnell, 29, left the Republican Party, moved from California and founded Christian Exodus two years ago with the goal of redirecting the United States by “redeeming” one state at a time.

First up for redemption is South Carolina.

He’s managed to encourage five families and two other individuals to move to South Carolina to take up the cause over the last 1 1/2 years. Not quite on pace for the tens of thousands that he intends to recruit by 2016.

What happens if they fail to influence the rest of the nation?

The organization’s Web site says if it does not meet its goal of change, it will work to secede from the United States.

Can’t wait to see how his plans turn out.



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